BASIC Shoot-em-up

Shooting and probability

This week I tried to make the enemies shoot according to a probability calculated from the distance of the player. Result is so and so, doesn't really look 'intelligent'.

Sketch for map

I present a first try for a map. Since inspiration comes from Moonstone, I'd also like something to move on the map, perhaps a fleet from Mars, during the late stage of the game (as the dragon in Moonstone). The planets will stay still, to make life easier.

Some info about the places:

Some dialog

This time I've been working on plot, setting, characters and dialog. This is some sketches for dialog between two main characters, Evelaine and Justin:

- Killing, she says while swallowing a handful of pills. That's what my life is all about. Kill everything, everything that moves. Men, women, children alike. Robots, stones, or just debris. BANG!
The young man aside of her nods nervously.
- Why do you think I take these pills? Because of space? No. It's the space within, the vast emptiness of my soul.
- How poetic.
- Fuckin' a. Oh look, here's some of them. Hold on, boy!

[First level]

- Yeah, that's the last one, she says. No big deal, huh?
- Sure. No big deal...
- Hey, don't look so chocked. You see over there? That's Hangar. Yep. Never thought you would see it, did you? Well, there she is. Incredible how that peice of junk holds together, still.

- They're attacking! Run for your life! screems a man as they enter the space station.
- Run where? Who is attacking? says Evelaine.
- Mars! They've envied us long enough, now they're back to get what they wanted!
- The man is clearly overreacting, says Evelaine as he's running out from the room.
A great boom echoes through the walls, and the floor trembles.
- Or maybe not... Come, let's leave.
- But my mission? says Justin.
- It's your mission or your life, come on!
She pushes him back into the space craft. As they fly away, a voice on radio is saying:
”Yes, Berto, I think that is quite correct: Hangar is now officially at war with the Mars Federation. Or perhaps just parts of it, sorry? Oh, I just got a message here. The Mars Federation is not, I repeat, not involved in this. It is the factory city Amornia. Yes, that's the north homosphere. Do we have a statement from the Federation yet? No? I see. Yes, the people of Hangar has been adviced to evacuate, and ...”
Evelaine turns the radio off.
- What a load of crap!
- Where are we going? Justin asks.
- The moon, I suppose. It's just three ours away.
- But the Moon is abandoned! What will we do there?
- I don't know! Give me a break, will ya. It's war!
And she swollows a bunch of pills again.
- You don't want to go back to Earth, do you? she continues. You know they're allies, Earth and Hangar.
- Of course I know! That's the very reason I'm out here, to discuss a new trading treaty.
- More likely it will be a treaty of war.
Justin looks out of the cockpit window. He sees Hangar slowly flowting away, and attack ships fighting agains each other. Yep. So much for my diplomatic mission, he thinks to himself.

[Level 2, to the Moon]

But the Moon was not abandoned. Yet, the people gathered here was of a rather dubious sort.
- Yes, that's what I thought, Evelaine says to that blinking, red button in the cockpit. We need more uranium, if we're ever going to leave this rock. Wait here, ok? I will go and talk with Tokata.
- Who is Tokata?
- Our best friend! 

Boids and asteroids

Hello! For version 0.0.2 I present some boids and colliding asteroids. For 0.0.3 I'll try to write some lore and story - at least to have some basics of the universe the game is played in.

A new Amiga game

Hello, and welcome to the webpage of BASIC Shoot-em-up, a new Amiga game developed with BlitzBASIC 2.1 on the real machine. Below is a video on my progress so far.

The main idea is to introduce on Amiga the progress that has been done in physics and AI. The Amiga CPU will of course limit this to some extent, but to a lesser extent than you think.

If you want to contribute with code, graphics, music/sound and ideas, you're very welcome.

Source code to the right. This is version 0.0.1. Version 0.0.2 will include asteroids and flocking behaviour.